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Windows 11

Windows 11 stands as the latest and most stylish addition to the Microsoft Windows family, offering a unique blend of familiarity and innovation. What sets it apart is not only the fresh changes it ushers in but also its commitment to preserving beloved features from previous Windows releases, particularly those cherished by IT professionals from the Windows 7 era. In Windows 11, you’ll find a seamless continuation of the same keyboard shortcuts, management tools, security features, and deployment options that were available in Windows 7, now refined and enhanced.

This book serves as a comprehensive guide, illuminating these enhancements and delving into the multitude of new features that Windows 11 brings to the forefront. Whether you’re an IT professional seeking in-depth insights or an everyday user looking to explore Windows 11’s enriched computing experience, this operating system builds upon the strengths of its predecessors while also addressing the requirements of modern computing. It’s a bridge between the past and the future, offering the best of both worlds for a more seamless and efficient computing experience.


ASP.NET MVC 4.5+ stands as a versatile web development framework that empowers developers to create dynamic and robust web applications within the Microsoft .NET platform.

This exceptional framework, ASP.NET MVC 4.5, is not merely a product of hype; it has demonstrated its practical value in real-world applications. It has been meticulously designed and rigorously constructed, serving as a potent tool for developers to deliver advanced and cutting-edge experiences to their users. This is made possible by leveraging the full potential of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture that the framework offers.

One of the standout features of ASP.NET MVC 4.5 is its thriving developer community, ensuring that developers have access to a wealth of resources, tutorials, and best practices. Its comprehensive documentation serves as a valuable asset, aiding those seeking to harness the full potential of this framework and create outstanding web applications.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012+

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and later iterations, collectively known as SQL Server 2012+, represent a potent and feature-rich relational database management system (RDBMS) meticulously developed by Microsoft. This platform builds upon the strengths of its predecessors and introduces a multitude of enhancements and features, finely tuned to address the ever-evolving data management requirements of businesses and organizations.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012+ continues to stand as a steadfast and preferred choice for organizations seeking a robust and scalable database system to fulfill their data management needs. Its extensive feature set, performance improvements, and seamless integration capabilities render it a versatile and indispensable tool for tackling an extensive spectrum of data-related tasks. 

Call (Toll Free) : 800-340-8008

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